Ecology Cash 4 Car Services

Ecology Cash For Cars is proud to be San Diego’s leading professional Car Removal company. Our premium Cash for Cars service is provided by the industry’s finest experts, Auto Wreckers and tow trucks. We combine reliable service with honest deals so that San Diego residents can sell their cars quickly and for the best price.



  • Cash For Cars

Our Cash for Cars service is renowned for its streamlined and easy process, allowing you to sell your vehicle and have it towed in minutes of our arrival. Part of what makes it so beneficial is that we pay Cash for Cars from all types of conditions, from Old Cars to Wrecked Cars. Even if you think your vehicle is unsellable, we’ll surprise you by just how much you can get for it in San Diego.

  • Free Car Removals

Do you own a damaged vehicle that you’d like to get rid of? Our Damaged Car Removal service can be with you promptly and we can have it collected within minutes of our arrival.

  • Car Wrecking and Car Recycling

We provide San Diego premium Car Wrecking service. Whatever condition your vehicle is in, we’ll happily purchase it from you so we can recycle its quality working auto parts. These auto parts (after rigorous testing) will then be sold at affordable prices to car owners wanting to repair or modify their vehicles will more budget-friendly parts.

  • Free Cash for Cars Quotes

Want to know the best deal you can get for your vehicle in San Diego? It’s easy: simply call us on the phone or contact us online and provide your vehicle’s details. From this, we’ll calculate a high-paying Cash for Cars quote in minutes. Our quotes are no-pressure and free, and you can take your time in deciding, but we’re confident you’ll find no better offer than from Ecology Cash For Cars.

  • Free Paperwork

To make things go more smoothly, we provide all the necessary paperwork. Upon arrival, our team will guide you through this so that before you know it, your vehicle will be sold for top dollar and towed free of charge!

Call Ecology Cash For Cars for an instant quote at +1 619 830 7005 or go online

We Buy Junk Cars Near You

Have you ever wondered how to sell your junk car for top dollar? Ecology Cash For Cars  is a service made to solve that problem. Selling a car privately can be a mess. From insurance to repairs, there comes a point when the headache of it all makes you finally decide to junk your car. The problem is that it takes a long time to do so. What’s the solution? How can I sell my junk car effortlessly and still get the most money? Ecology Cash For Cars  is the answer. We pay cash for cars and we buy junk cars for a near top dollar price anywhere in the San Diego. Ecology Cash For Cars  is an honest way to sell your junk car fast while getting the money you deserve. Our simple method will help you sell any junk car for a near top-dollar value. We treat our customers as customers, not doormats.

One of the most depressing things you can experience is when you realize that you are now relying on how to junk a car.

The vehicle you bought 10, 15-years ago has seen better days.

So what do you do? You search for junk car buyers.

Where do you begin your search? The Internet! There are hundreds of junk car buyers who buys cars for cash.

Searching The Internet For Junk Car Buyers Near Me.

Select your favorite search engine and then type anyone of these keywords into the box.

  • Ecology Cash For Cars 
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Obviously, you don’t have to be creative when searching for a way to sell your junk car.

The result of your search will be a list of car dealerships that buy used cars, junkyards, auto salvagers or recyclers, and a plethora of companies who are in business to simply buy your car.

You will be overwhelmed and many of the businesses you find could be out to scam you.

Here’s a tip to avoid the scams and the lost hours of reading about junk car buyer at cash cars buyer. Search for Ecology Cash For Cars.

Sell My Car For Cash

When you click on you will be sent to a landing page that has a form that asks for all the pertinent information we need to buy your car.

  • The year your car was manufactured
  • The make
  • The model
  • The odometer mileage
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The city and state where you live.

Once you have completed filling out the form, simply click the button to proceed.

That’s it! You get your quote in seconds. You are not obligated to accept the quote. You probably will want to compare it to quotes offered by other cash cars buyers. Go ahead and check them out if you want and then comeback to 

We Buy Junk Cars

The simple truth is that we want to buy your car. We buy any junk car manufactured between 2000 and 2020.

Bet you’re wondering whether we’re close enough to you to execute a sale. Yes, we are junk car buyers near me. has sites and representatives throughout the United States. We are definitely near you.

Our junk car buyer’s representatives are knowledgeable about buying a junk car. That includes appraising your junk car and knowing what documents are necessary for your state’s DMV to authorize or recognize the sale.

For example, commonly you will need to have the title to the car in your hands to proceed with selling your car. If you don’t have a title, then in many circumstances you will have to obtain a duplicate from the DMV. And, although it is possible to order a title through your DMV online, there is the hassle of doing it in the first place. Moreover, you may have to wait for the document to be snail-mailed to you.

If you trust to buy your junk car, you don’t need the title.

Our friendly representatives will literally go the extra mile to ensure that you have a pleasant experience selling your junk car or damaged car and offer free towing service. That’s not an easy thing to say if you know the hassle of buying and selling used cars. The whole process is simple, convenient, and you aren’t obligated to accept our cash offer. So you have nothing to lose for checking. There are no strings attached. We will buy junk cars for cash near you.

When we say that your experience selling your junk car to a used car buyer is hassle free, we mean it.

We pick up your car for free and pay you cash for your car. You don’t have to pay to run an ad in local newspapers, in Craigslist, or in AutoTrader. No need for you to prepare your car for sale. No need to detail it to impress a car dealership or private buyer, no repairs to make, no settling for lowball deals.

All aggravations are avoided. And the transaction can be done quickly, as quickly as 24-hours after you visit our website to get a quote.

We have been paying cash for cars for more than a decade. So we have built a trust in the industry.

We’re bonded, licensed, and insured as a dealership. However, we are not a traditional dealership. So we can make deals that no dealer will be able to make.

We buy your junk car as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. In less than a minute we can give you a free estimate.
  2. After you accept the offer, junk car buyers will work with you to schedule a date for your junk car removal. Our representative will perform a quick inspection at your home.
  3. We pay you cash for your junk car. No hidden fees. You get real cash in your hands the same day.

If you are searching “junk my car” and looking for an honest and fair selling process for your junk car to a junk car buyer, then your best alternative is Ecology Cash For Cars. Ecology Cash For Cars provides a free junk car removal near you. We want to buy your junk car as much as you want to sell it. We urge you to visit the Ecology Cash For Cars website to get started today. If you are looking to get into a newer vehicle and have no or bad credit, check buy here pay here car lots.